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The Mala Ha’aretz Dea Center was established in order to make the treasures of Jewish faith and the deeper levels of the Torah accessible to every Jew, on whatever level they may be, in Israel and worldwide, in a clear, profound, and sweet style.

The prophecy of “and I will send famine into the land…to hear the word of Hashem” is coming true right before our eyes. We are witnessing this strong spiritual thirst, as well as the crises that emerge when the thirst remains unquenched. Our prayer is to be involved in the important task of these times – to approach the wellsprings of holiness and the life-giving treasures that were prepared to sustain this generation, to open them, and to disseminate them as widely as possible.

:The Center’s Operations

Emunah Study Programs

A person who seeks to strengthen their soul, to ignite its spark day after day, to develop and empower its presence in their lives, needs to learn on a regular basis, every single day – with content that is spiritual, that speaks to the soul and fans the spark into a large flame within them. The Center’s study programs accompany participants at each step of the way, enabling them to deepen their Emunah daily. As part of the study program, participants cover fundamental topics of Jewish values and faith. Today, over 1,000 people have subscribed to the study program.

Publishing House

Our goal at the publishing house is to illuminate the world with the light of Emunah by writing and publishing deep content that is made accessible in a clear, uniquely sweet style. To date, Mala Ha’aretz Dea’s publishing house has printed dozens of books written by Rabbi Reuven Sason, which were very warmly received in Israel and worldwide by prominent rabbis, public figures, educators and teachers, and the general public from across the spectrum of society. We view the publication of each book as a spiritual asset that will enrich future generations.

Beit Midrash for Studying the Depths of the Torah

The heart and soul of the Center is the active Beit Midrash, which includes 120 rabbis, married yeshiva students, and various professionals who learn in five groups. The groups meet every week and delve into the innermost levels of the Torah.

Classes Throughout the Country

With the objective of spreading the knowledge of Hashem and His light, Rabbi Reuven Sason teaches dozens of classes throughout the country every month. Rabbi Reuven teaches at many different yeshivot and meets with yeshiva students every week on a regular basis.

Spreading Emunah Content in Israel and Worldwide

The Mala Ha’aretz Dea Community

The Mala Ha’aretz Dea Community Is a free, virtual community with over 5,000 members. The community members receive Emunah content on a daily basis that illuminates their day with the light of Jewish faith.

YouTube Channel

The Center’s YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers and includes several hundreds of classes on various topics such as the weekly Parasha, holidays, and topics in Emunah. Every class has thousands of views and the reactions are extremely moving. Over 40,000 classes are learned on the channel every month.

Virtual Beit Midrash

Our goal is to create deep Jewish content for anyone who seeks it, an address where people can find what they are looking for easily and quickly using a smart and smooth search system. The website contains a large database of content on all of the topics related to Jewish identity, the depths of the Torah, and insights on life according to Jewish thought.

English Department

The Center’s prime materials are translated into English and distributed to hundreds of members in Israel and abroad.


The Center is working on making the existing content accessible to various target audiences. For this purpose, we are working on developing materials and strategic collaborations with a range of different organizations.

Rabbi Reuven Sason

Founder of Mala Ha’aretz Dea

Rabbi Reuven taught at Yeshivat Ramat Gan, founded Yeshivat Ramat Hasharon and served as its Rosh Yeshiva, wrote many books on all areas of the Torah, including the series Talelei Chaim and B’Or Panecha, which were printed in thousands of copies and warmly received by a diverse range of readers.
Today, Rabbi Reuven Sason heads the Mala Ha’aretz Dea Center and dedicates his time to spreading the wellsprings of Emunah throughout Israel and the world.


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